Question about a particular style of b-bag

  1. Hi guys
    Please I really need somebody's help. I was looking on atelier naff and I saw this bag. On atelier naff it is called 'thebrief'. Does anybody have this bag? Is it heavy to carry? Also, what colour is it? Pictures would be gr8 too.

    Thanx in advance
    Staci B:heart:
  2. I just ordered this same bag in White! I hope it is here tomorrow!
  3. that's a white brief with giant hardware (different from regular hardware).

    it's a gorgeous style of bag!
  4. Thanks queenvictoria2 & bella
  5. It's kinda hard to pull up previous postings on this style right now, because the search for "brief" yields no results (I reported this in the feedback forum).

    Here are a few photos I gathered:

    Truffle Brief w/GH (from BalNY?)
    Cafe Brief w/RH (from secret_shopaholic)
    Vert D'eau w/GH (from l_b)
    Naturel w/GH (from l_b)
    Black w/GH (from wickedassin)
    Marine w/GH (from Chrischris62)
  6. I have the white gh brief, truffle gh brief and vert'deau rh brief. It's a great style and not heavy at all.
  7. purse fanatic - Do you ever carry it on your shoulder - or mostly hand carry? Do you get lots of compliments? ;)