question about 13757 new turnlock factory tote

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  1. for those of you who have seen this one, is the leather like the new factory legacy or is it like the garcia legacy? i ask this because i wasn't too happy about the factory legacy leather in that it was thinner than the old school legacy and the scratches and marks didn't "heal" the same way with the rub of a finger. this leather looks like it has a shine kind of like the garcia leather but again, can't tell from photos. thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this!
  2. Good question. I haven't seen this IRL yet, but I hope my outlet has these when I visit next week. Does anyone have a pic of the lining they can post? Thanks.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. is this the new "Lily" tote? Can someone tell me the dimensions?
  5. ^^I just went to fremont and there were none there louislover260.

  6. Aw shucks! I'm sorry to hear that! That's a looooong trip to return empty handed!

  7. apprx.10.5"lx13.5"h"4"d
  8. thanks!

  9. i didn't measure but i did take a comparison picture beside the xl zoe last month so you can sort of get an idea of the relative size


  10. Yes I know. I am so bummed
  11. The size for the MFF tote that i saw yesterday was kind of small. As I age, i carry more crap. The brown had nicks all over it. Thats what turned me off of it. The brown leather one was thicker leather than the gold one tho. I didnt feel the green one at all,cuz i was not interested in that color for some reason.

  12. Have you carried the tote yet? I was wondering if you were wearing it on your arm, does the turnlock dig in your arm if you rest your arm down on the bag? just hoping it's comfy to carry.
  13. I had the factory legacy and the leather was crap! It totally wore out after a month! Did anyone have this experience?
  14. Oh wow I really like that what other colors does that come in I have not been to the outlet in months and it is killing me.
  15. it's tiny!!!!