Question 4 Zippy Wallet Owners

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  1. Hi Guys...I was just wondering if the zipper of your zippy wallet is not as gold and brilliant as the zipper pull or even the inside zipper? (mine is a fairly new wallet and the outside zipper is not as brilliant as the inside one or as the zipper pull) I wonder if that's normal or it is just an issue with my wallet. :confused1:
  2. Hmmm, I got my Mono Zippy about two weeks ago and both zippers are working fine and looks gold to me. Sometimes the outside zipper gets stuck cuz of the inside zipper but doesn't cause any frustration.
  3. Both my zippers look gold and I know I even recieved the floor model. I have azur Zippy.
  4. mine are working fine and still look good and ive it for over a month now.
  5. Both of them are gold (I have the azur zippy too) but I think that I know what you mean - the outside zipper seems to be made of a different metal than the inside zipper. The outside zipper is a smoother type of metal, while the inside zipper is brushed or something. But if anything, the outside zipper seems shinier (but more prone to scratching) than the inside zipper. HTH.
  6. I've also had my zippy for a month and it looks the same as when I bought it at the boutique in Seattle. The inside zipper looks like a smaller version of the outside zipper, although the zipper pulls are different of course. I don't see a discernible difference in the two zippers other than size.
  7. i have the mc zippy wallet and the inside and outside zippers look comparable in color/finish. the zipper pulls are different but the zipper itself just look different in size.
  8. Newer model zippy wallets have the large shiny brass overlay pull. The original model has the same brass zipper as the interior. I like the older zipper (interior) better than the large bulky shiny pull tab zipper. JMO
  9. My outside zipper is a gorgeous gold like my inside one.
  10. Thank you for your responses...I thought brass stayed gold forever...I can see the outside zipper being gold but a duller gold than the inside fact...the interior part of the outside zipper (the part that is toward the inside of the wallet is brighter gold than the top (the part that is toward the outside). Also, the outside zipper sides seem brighter gold than the top...I wonder if it's due to use and rubbing against hands and/or things? The zipper is shiny but on the longer side of the wallet it seems like the gold has rubbed off and looks more silvery gold than true gold. The zipper pulls are gold though. Do you guys know if LV will replace the zipper or I just need to buy another wallet? Has anyone owned a zippy wallet for a while to see if this is due to normal use?
  11. Is it just brass overlay or pure brass...that's probably the problem...with use some of the gold fom the top comes off...any experience with that?