Quere: What are things that SA's hate (or love) that customer do?

  1. It would be interesting to hear everyone's thoughts....I'll go first -

    They hate:

    Being asked to hold bags for days on end
    People who are a pain in the neck

    They like:

    Loyal customers
    Polite, gracious customers
  2. I'm assuming this is a thread for those of us who are Hermes SA's?

    Although I am not an Hermes SA, I do own a boutique with nearly the same price point as Hermes ready to wear, so I am constantly annoyed at people who come in and trash my store.

    I hate:

    When people bring their dogs into the store without asking... I don't care about little dogs... people bring large poodles and golden retrievers in here!

    I also hate when people deliberately push all of the items on a rack over so they can pull out the one they are looking for. It is unnecessary and messes up my spacing on the racks.

    Makeup smudges are another issue. Try telling your customer why the $2000 dress has lipstick on it.

    I LOVE:

    When people tell me that I have "excellent taste" in buying the merchandise for the store.

    I also love when people recommend me/my store to others and they came in with the recommendation.

    This probably doesn't really go with the topic, but there it is.
  3. Just IMHO. They hate:

    People who try things on and leave them wrinkled/smudged. I've seen women tie scarves on as halters and then not buy the scarves!

    Tourists who come in to look around, gasp at the prices, and have no intention of buying anything.

    Customers who ask to keep things on hold for days and weeks on end. Make up your mind quickly or let them sell it to someone else!

    Customers who want to return items they bought a long time ago. The last time I was in the boutique, a woman wanted to return a Pluie de Etincelles scarf -- wasn't that from at least 4 years ago? -- and it looked none too fresh.

    They love --

    Men who come in to buy "guilt presents." I've never seen things sell more quickly than when a man comes in looking like he's in a hurry and desperately in need of a peace offering.
  4. This is my own interpretation of what I think the SAs at my store love and hate. These are by no means gospel truths, KWIM? Just my own obervations.

    - Clients who embrace H everything, and not just the Kelly and Birkin
    - Clients who like to discuss the various types of skins and colours
    - Respect and courtesy from clients
    - Recommendations of friends to the store
    - Clients who pop into the store regularly
    - Loyalty from regular customers
    - Seeing clients donning H accessories, RTW, bags

    - Clients who demand for Birkins like it's their god given right
    - Clients who think that because they are rich, they can have what they want, or else!
    - Clients who see beautiful things on other clients and demand why they were not offered the same stuff
    - Clients who stomp into stores and go into outbursts
    - Fakers who think they can conveniently bring in their fake bags, and send them in for cleaning services (spa) in hope of getting them authenticated indirectly. Note to fakers: the staff remember your faces. Don't think they are stupid.
    - Clients who order a whole lot of stuff, and then rejects them. (No store manager likes merchandise that does not move)
  5. Informative thread. I enjoyed your list mrssparkles. I haven't been to my H Alaska yet, so it's always good to learn a little bit more about SA's. :smile:
  6. The lists above are all-around informative. I'd like to add:


    1) Asking for a Birkin outright


    1) Appreciation and knowledge about H
    2) Chatting during non-peak hours - they do like to talk about H mixed in with other topics!
  7. The above mentioned are all right on the money! In addition:

    Indecisive customers who request a hard-to-find certain style/color bag .. and then flakes out once the SA has found the item for them .. or once the bag is found .. drags their feet when calling back or making decisions about it.

    A genuine love of Hermes products.
    They also love when they see you using/wearing something that they suggested for you.
  8. This is what I've seen:

    SAs hate:
    1) people who demand a Birkin, then get upset when told that there isn't one available (IME, they don't get upset when they're asked politely about it)
    2) people they don't know who ask for a Birkin to be brought out "from the back"
    3) celebrities who invite a media frenzy and disrupt their loyal customers who are trying to have a pleasant experience at the store
    4) rudeness, in any form
    5) people who take a "dainty" attitude toward their items, like not using them for fear of what may happen to them or, worse, bringing their bags in and having a fit over every single little scratch or dirt mark

    SAs love:
    1) loyalty
    2) friendly chats, especially when they get to discuss topics not related to Hermes (many of them have outside interests, too, just like the rest of us)
    3) appreciation for Hermes items other than the Birkin
    4) people who actually use their bags
  9. I think they really like it when we buy ready to wear...
  10. well let us put it that way all the sa´s i have ever met (h or not)like their ideal! customers this way
    - friendly
    -open minded for their suggestions
    and above all equipped with lotsa cold hard cash or an unlimited cc

    the thing is if you have the first 3 but not the last they still treat you fine but always will prefer a person lacking the first numbers but strong with the last one ;)
    and believe me all that trara and hoity toity exclusivity love for the brand relationshipgaga while true to a certain extend does not matter much anymore as long as there is enough money to be made.
  11. ^I think SAs generally remember the big spenders who are CC trigger-happy. I also think SAs love colorful, glamorous, larger-than-life characters as clients too.

    All in all... as long as you're a courteous person who loves H, I wouldn't worry too much about doing anything to offend an SA. If the SA is *still* standoffish and you've bought stuff and have been nice, then it's the SA's problem. If an SA had to choose, of course someone refined and genuinely interested in H is preferred over someone who is considered a basic "Birkin-digger."
  12. I'll just add a couple
    To see you carry in a bag they sold to you a few years earlier and hear how you love it just as much as the day you bought it.
    A phone call to make sure that they will be in the day you plan to shop. If they are at lunch, waiting for them to come back.
    Advance notice for things you know you will want before they become scarce.
    An (SO) client that also buys bags 'off the shelf'.
    Being treated like a servant, especially by a young person.
    A person that looks at several of the mousellines without buying anything, because they are so hard to fold back perfectly.
    Parents who do not watch their children very closely.
    New clients who want to push/rush the system with demands they have picked up from 'outside sources'.
  13. HEy everyone...just wondering how would you know if the SA doesn't want/ intend to put your order on the podium?
    and btw, is 35 orange togo hard to get/order? where is the easiest do you think?thanks loads!
  14. You don't. That's why I always say, don't step on the SAs' toes!
  15. :lol::lol:How true! They come to tPF, so they know what's going on!