Quality of Marc by MJ

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  1. i've never purchased a Marc bag before, so i'm hoping that someone can offer some insight. how is the quality of M by MJ? i have my eye on a mouse grey or black faridah. the leather seems so soft and it fits so well under my arm, but i've heard that M by MJ leather quality is hit or miss. perhaps that was a while ago and no longer?

    any input would be great! :yahoo:
  2. Well, I don't have the faridah, but I have the M by MJ beth bag, which is more or less a pebbled leather. The quality and purse itself is beautiful. I was incredibly impressed!
  3. MbyMJ has very impressive quality for the price.
  4. i agree. great designs, soft and thick leather, fun colors, and all for a great price. i love mbmj!
  5. I have the Hiedi and love it! This is my most used bag. It is so durable, I don't have to be as careful (as I am with other bags). I can throw it around and not be afraid to ruin it. It's very very durable!
  6. I agree with both of these ladies! MBMJ offers great value for bag lovers. The leather, construction, hardware, and durability is awesome, especially for the price!
  7. I own both MJ & MBMJ, great quality from both. Waiting on my MBMJ Heidi in Acid Yellow....
  8. MbyMJ is a quality contemporary line. I don't think I've seen one yet that has been of poor quality...

    poor taste.. a few, but not many!
  9. I just purchased the lovely lily in cream and I adore it! The quality of the leather is great-so soft. It look so cute and matches everything!
  10. I own a MbyMJ zc and the quality is amazing: soft yet strong.
  11. i have three bags and a softy zip clutch and i LOVE them all! smooshy and durable.
  12. I purchased my very first desinger bag today,

    I bought the Dr Q groovee bag in white. Although I 've not used it yet, the leather feels really nice but also very sturdy (i hope that's a word :p i'm not a native english speaker!) so according to my first observations I think the quality is real nice for it's price!
  13. mbmj bags have great quality for the price! don't expect it to be on par with higher end brands though
  14. I have the turnlock wallet. It's really soft and it withstood an accident I had-- I spilled gasoline on it. The leather and color stayed the same, it didn't change a bit. I did not even have to clean it. I just wiped it and let it dry. I was pretty surprised and impressed.
  15. i swear this is the third time i came across a post that has something to do with faridah or grey color dilemma.. i have the faridah in grey mouse and the leather is really soft and squishy! :yes: