Quality Issues With Sydney Line ????

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  1. I ordered the Purple Sydney Domed Satchel right before Christmas. I started using it right before New Years and the handle had busted by the end of the first week of January. I got another one, but I am afraid to use it.

    Have any of you had similar problems?
  2. I love the purple domed satchel, but I didn't buy one because I didn't like the handles! They seemed sort of flimsy (that's not the right word, but I can't think of one better) to me! Sorry to hear that you had difficulties with your bag--I so hope that it was a fluke and that your new one works out for you!
  3. thanks !

    my problem was the part of the handle where the leather meets the metal. the leather ripped out of the socket exposing a nice rope.
  4. OMG that is terrible. What is going on with Coach's QA anyway. So many of us are having to send our bags back for repair or for a refund!!
  5. I had quality issues with three new bags within a month
  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry!! Actually, this kind of thing happens with other brands too...it's a known issue with Chloe and the Heloise style bags. They have the same type of metal socket thingy, and the braided handles often break there. Not that that's any comfort, but at least Coach has a great repair policy that you can count on! I actually don't care for these metal cups...it's the one thing I never liked about the inlaid Madison bags.
  7. I have the same bag...no issues. It was hopefully just a fluke, and at least Coach made it right. Use the bag, enjoy the bag...and if you're just to uncomfortable with it, don't feel bad getting something else that you won't be afraid of!

    Sorry this happened!!