Quality ? - CC logo crystal stud earrings

  1. Are these worth it? I like the small CC logo stud ones but I have heard of crystals falling off and I am hesitant to spend $200 on earrings that will fall apart quickly. How frequently does this happen? And how willing is Chanel to fix the problem for you? What if its been more than a year? Thanks much.:flowers:
  2. I have heard this also, but I have a pair of the medium size that I bought in June and I wear them quite often and so far the crystals are all intact.:yes:
  3. I have the cc crystal stud earrings and necklace and never had any problems with the crystals ( I've had them for over a year now and wear them often), although some ladies here had problems with them.
  4. Hrmm.. tough choice. I don't mind paying as long as crystals stay on... I know I'd be in a mad panic if any of them fell off and I would stress over whether or not Chanel would give me a replacement.
  5. paul at the short hills mall told me that i could take them back anytime should anything happen to them and they'll fix/replace it.

    mine are hanging in there pretty well. i'm not very careful with them. but they are so gorgeous!
  6. Chanel is EXCELLENT about repairing or replacing your jewelry (as well as bags) I love Chanel costume jewelry, but unfortunately about 8 out of 10 things I have bought had to be returned to be fixed or swapped for another style because they fell apart. Stones fall off, or the earring would detach from the post, etc. I finally bought an indestructable pair of earrings that I wear ALL the time. If you buy the rhinestone jewelry (or sunglasses) and a stone falls off, Chanel will back their product up, which is good to know.
  7. I've had my pair for two years and they are still good.
  8. I had a pair, one stone fell out...I got them REPARIED them...wore those for 1day.....2 stones fell out...took them back and the manager EXCHANGED them out for a brand new pair, I havent wore them yet in fear of another crystal falling out :sad:
  9. :cursing: Just open my X-mas gifts this morning, and found a pair of double C chanel stud's rhinestone/crystal fall off!!!!! BF was in more panic than me"I promise i got the last pair from NM, it's real, not from Ebay!" though his reaction amuse me a bit, but i am still not happy w/the product, i mean the stone fall off just by sitting in the box!?!?! Even Claire's earring have better quality. Will be at NM first thing tomorrow, doubt they have any other pair for exchange since BF got the last pair, but it just make me so mad that the first two chanel(precious symbol blk canvas tote) and this one all suffer from BAD quality control.:hysteric: