Qns on Vintage XL jumbo.. hope this is the right place to ask.

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    Hi babes..i have a few qns with regards to the chanel vintage XL jumbo. hope im not asking too many dumb qns. :P

    1. Do they only come in lambskin?

    2. I saw this in one of the local stores. the quilted area looks flattened at certain parts of the bag. Is that normal for vintages? I was looking at some of the pics online. Some of the bags look like that while some look rather new (but it might be due to the camera). How do you define one in mint condition?

    3. Do these vintage bags come with the usual authenticity card, dustbag, etc?

    4. How much roughly should i be paying for one in good condition?

    thanks for your help in advance!
  2. I would say there is no such thing as a dumb question, but I have heard some before, lol! Your questions are actually quite common.

    1. Yes, it's most common to find them in lambskin vs caviar leather and they will actually be less expensive in lamb due to the fact that there are quite a few available in the second hand market.

    2. One in mint condition will be puffy. A lot of them have lost some of their "puffyness" over time, but still look really good though. The lambskin on the vintage flaps is heartier than current lambskin so it holds up better to use and it's not uncommon to come across vintage xl jumbos in very good condition.

    3. They all came with an authenticity card and dust bag originally, but over time some owners have lost various original materials. It depends bag to bag what comes with it.

    4. You should do an ebay completed item search for vintage lambskin jumbos and take a look at what they are selling for, but I would say that around $2000 should get you a vintage lambskin xl jumbo in good condition.

    Good luck with your search, they are gorgeous bags!
  3. I agree with echo_23 and the only thing I would have to add is that I've never seen a vintage XL Jumbo in caviar...just lambskin.
  4. hi ladies, thanks for the kind help! it seems quite hard to find one with even puffiness.. haha..
  5. ^FWIW, most vintage bags I've seen come with deflated quilts. Extremely rare to find one with "even puffiness", and when a vintage bag in such great condition is up for grabs, it goes for quite a high price.

    Also, I've only ever seen the vintage XL jumbo in lambskin, not caviar, but of course that's just my personal experience.

  6. Enjoy your journey to find the Chanel bag...
  7. I have only seen one in caviar before, but it went for a much higher price because of its rarity.
  8. ^ ya they come in caviar---they are just extremely rare. I have one in lambskin--and while it still has some puffiness to it, I have to admit I don't carry it as much as I like because it is so vintage and I want to keep it in good shape.
  9. I have seen a few caviar on malleries from time to time. They get snatched up very quickly.