QF's New Year's Eve Iconic Quick Reveal....#1, It Was a Very Good Year

Jan 15, 2011
It's been a good week for bags, my dears, and I want to show you two that to me represent the very best of Hermès in very different ways. I will start off with a quick reveal of an elegant lady d'un certain âge. She presented herself to me in a most unexpected spot, an estate sale, to be exact....
Jan 15, 2011
Presenting a surprise find. Kelly 28 in Gold (the color we now know as Noisette). My friend who spotted her told me she looked like Rouge H and she does look red at night, but she is Gold :biggrin:

NK1.jpg NK2.jpg

My grandmother always told me that a lady never reveals her age....but this lady is about to turn 65. H stamp, confirmed by both our lovely bababebi and my resident craftsperson to be a 1952 Kelly "before she was called the Kelly".
May I note that this bag, while sporting a scratch or three, does not have a crack in it nor a single missing stitch. The hardware is brass and is so charming. She is my first truly "vintage" Kelly (I have a 1980 box Kelly) and I love her.

Another bag coming up soon in another thread....this one will be a bit of a unicorn :heart:
Feb 10, 2007
A gorgeous 65 year old, and yes, she looks very rouge h to me too...but love her whatever color she is called!


Jan 24, 2015
California, USA
So beautiful - she looks to be in great condition. I can imagine the stories behind his beautiful bag and now she will continue on with you as the new owner. Congrats!!