Qeester no longer taking orders

  1. So I went onto qeester.com today to try and get this cute snowman qee for my vacanze bag that I saw a while back, only to be greeted with "Qeester stopped taking orders October 19"... Maybe this is why the new Adios "Qee" on the new bags isnt really a Qee at all? Does anyone else know of any other sites that sell them? (obviously other than eBay) This sucks, they had a lot of cute ones I wanted!
  2. the owner of qeester got a really good job but couldn't keep his store up and running so he tried finding a buyer but that didn't work out so he closed it last month...

    The new adios "qee" isn't really a qee because lesportsacs contract ended w/ toy2r

    toy2r tho is still up and chugging adorable things out...

    I think the only places to really find them are vinyl toy stores and eBay but no one place has tons of qees like qeester did :sad: the forums at kidrobot are great tho in finding vinyl toys :smile:
  3. Thanks for the info! I was wondering what happened to Qeester. I really liked it. Too bad it's gone.
  4. i was so bummed to find out qeester had closed down.
  5. The Adios keychain is just a keychain. It's not an actual Qee. :sad:

  6. Yea, and its not its quality isn't as good as the bear qee.