Q on Cambon (White or Pink)

  1. I really want a Cambon small tote (it will be my first chanel). Do you think it will be a good idea to get a cambon tote as my first chanel? Should I get it in white or pink? Also, how much is the small Cambon tote in retail price? Is it sold out already? Is it hard to take care of the leather? Sorry, I have so many questions...thanks!
  2. Both white and pink cambon are going to be hard to locate since they have both been discontinued and were discounted over the summer last year. I know there are still other combos available in the small tote though if you're interested

    Your first Chanel should be whatever you want it to be, if you love the cambon tote and want it as a first, get it =)

    The leather is actually pretty easy to take care of. Not as fragile as lambskin but not as durable as caviar, it's inbetween
  3. I would get the pink- very cute!
  4. why not...jen is right though it will be harder to find. try the outlets. i personally like the white better
  5. my first chanel was the blk/blk patent small cambon tote, i absolutely love it. i think it's a great first choice. now, between the white and the pink, i'd probably opt for the pink, it's more fun and girlie
  6. Pink is very girlie, really pretty, hope you find it!
  7. Can I please get more opinions?? Thanks!
  8. I think you cannot go wrong with either one of the colors! I think Im leaning more towards the white though. Choose the one you like =) Cambon totes are cute! I hope you find the perfect Chanel bag!
  9. My first chanel was a lambskin small classic flap. I have the pink chanel cambon bowler (purchased it before the sale!!!!) and I really like it. But I usually use the cambon medium size messenger bag. It leaves my hands free to chase after my kids.
  10. My first Chanel was the Cambon Pochette in White. I love the white combo the best, but I needed to have a little pink so I got a small accessory. You should get whatever you like, but pink might be more difficult to find than the white. Good luck!
  11. Blushingbaby....what pink accessory did you get? There is a pink cellphone holder on eBay that I am watching now. Very pretty!

  12. ooh i wanted the cell phone holder but at the retail price i couldn't justify it at the time...i got the credit card holder. :heart: