Q. for L'ingenieux pm Owners (past and present).

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  1. You've got one (had one). Do you (did you) love it? Regret it? Neutral?

    I'm very intrigued. I'm not an LV owner (never cared for the mono thing), but a friend showed me this line and dang! I'm almost tempted!

    I need a nice black satchel - sizeable, hand-carry drop, gold hardware. I like heavy leather, preferrably pebbled.

    Would appreciate any thoughts or feedback you might have... :yes:
  2. Beautiful bag! Nice size and very durable! My best friend has had hers since they first came out! Keeps in great shape as the years go by! I would def. recommend it! I am thinking of getting one myself.
  3. I find it very heavy and never use it but it is so pretty to look at:P I really like the l'epanoui pm and can't wait for the new suhali style bag to arrive:heart:
  4. I have a blue Lingenieux pm which i bought two months ago ~ love the bag , have to carry it every weekend :graucho: I love the Suhali leather line from LV, i think i am going to get Le Fabuleux as my next LV bag :biggrin: