Python Silverado

  1. Is there anywhere that might have a Python Silverado besides eBay?? And is this a practical everyday bag for someone with 4 children? Thanks!
  2. I have a python Silverado and a python chain handled Betty and both are much more durable than you would think. I wouldn't let a kid too near them, though, but that would go for any high end bag. Right now I am not too sure about reputable retailers online but maybe you should check the usual suspects like "Ann's Fabulous Finds" etc...
  3. The Chloe python bags are beautiful, would have one, but have a thing about snakes, so haven't had the nerve to buy one yet, as I'm afraid it might give me a scare in my You might also try the NMLC, Saks Off 5th, Nordstrom's Rack, etc. I've seen some on e-bay that had a receipt from a Nordstrom Rack (hopefully, that was legit). I've also seen 'other' designer luxury skin bags at the Orlando Neiman's Last Call. I purchased a 4 pocket Silverado last winter on sale for $635 at Nordstroms, I called and called and found one in CA, caught it just before it was ready to go to the Rack.

    I might add that the Silverado is getting harder and harder to find, as I believe this style has been discontinued......however, I did see one at NMLC in Orlando when they first opened in Aug. 07--(regular leather, not snakeskin).