python decollettes on NAP - pretty!!

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  1. these are so pretty! someone get a pair so we can see modelling pix! :P i would, if only decollettes looked good on me, but they do not :nogood:



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  2. Those are really pretty.
  3. I wish this particular Decollete (368 I think?) did not have the square toe. BG has the Simple 100 pump in this blush python and it's gorgeous.
  4. uggghhhh.... I don't like the square toe, so much..
  5. I cannot stop staring at them..
  6. I prefer the regular toe on the Decolletes too.
  7. Since I have let go of my Decolletes, I might give *that* particular pair a go if I happen upon them during my sojourns this month.
  8. So pretty.....but the toebox looks awful on me.
  9. They're beautiful IMO, and not even expensive (595€)! :drool:

    Anyone know if they run one full size small as the ordinary Decolletes?