Putty Stam still there!!

  1. So, I was in Neiman's this weekend, out at Tyson's Galleria, and the Putty Stam that I reported seeing a few weeks back is STILL there! I was SO shocked! I would have gotten it, but I'm having issues with my black Stam.

    So, if anyone is still looking for a "rare" Stam, there is a Putty Stam with blue suede interior, priced at $1200, avaiable at Neiman's in Tyson's Galleria - 703.761.1600...I believe.
  2. why did you have to tell us that?!?

  3. I'm sorry....maybe someone snatched it up! Drats!
  4. What issues are you having with your stam?
  5. SuLi, please don't say sorry. =)
    It's soooo nice of you to share this information with members who have been looking for this bag for soooo long. Hope someone will get it before it's gone.
  6. Long story short...I had a defective one and through exchanging and reordering (or trying to find it at the time), really soured my opinion on the bag. I finally got a new one late July, but have been extremely afraid and wary of using it. I've posted in the general handbag discussion about getting a new bag, which I did this weekend (a lovely Jimmy Choo Ramona), but I still haven't returned the Stam. I really like the style of the bag, but for some reason, can't bring myself to use it.
  7. I know :smile: . I'm just trying to help so that mpark feels less tortured. I know how long and hard she has been searching for a Stam.
  8. Su, I wanted to say that this Stam is meant to be yours when I saw this thread, but you already got Ramona....What's the chance of running into this Putty bag twice? This color would give you some variety since you have Quilted Amanda in Black.

  9. Thanks Suli for watching out for us! I hope a tpfer gets it.
  10. Hahaha....you're right. But, I've decided to curb my bag spending for a while :shame: - at least until next year!

    thithi - I really hope a PFer gets it too. Nothing makes me happier to know that we can help others find the bags of their dreams!
  11. Hi Everyone

    M relatively new to TPF but am more a lurker. M pleased to say I got my hands on this putty stam. I saw SuLi's first post 2 days ago but thought it must have been snatched up by now. I am so pleasantly surprised to find out that the putty stam is still there!!! I called immediately! :smile:

    Been wanting a stam for a 3 months now but couldn't decide on the colour though I know that I would prefer a light coloured stam with exceptions of petrol and taupe. Putty was on my wish colour but hard to come by so now I am really glad! Can't wait!!!! Thanks SuLi!

    I just bought an ivory pocket satchel paddy and the putty will be of a similar colour family...I wonder if it will be too much though of the same good thing....well we shall see when plush putty arrives.

    Thanks again everyone!
  12. ^ Congrats, I'm glad you got it! Putty (greyish) looks very different from Ivory, don't have to worry about them clashing. =)
  13. :yahoo: !!!! Welcome, and I'm SO glad that you got it! It's a really great bag and one in amzaingly good condition when I first saw it. You have to post pictures to show everyone when you get it. I hope that a nice SA helped you...there are a few there that are questionable :shrugs: . Enjoy!
  14. Thanks Suli and for the warm welcome by everyone too. The SA who helped me out is a lady called Darlene. Do u know her? Am expecting it early next week. Can't wait and in meantime I have fallen in love with the hudson and trish. Saw my friend;s trish IRL and it was just gorgeous in chilli.....i want them all!