Putting new insoles in classic Uggs

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  1. Has anyone put new insoles in their Uggs just to feel that they gave the sensation of the foot being squished into the top of the boots? I've done this and my toe is poking through yet I have rather slim feet.

    Do you have to wait until the sheepskin is REALLY REALLY worn out before replacing them? Or would Koolaburra inserts or similar be better as they are not as raised as Ugg inserts?

  2. Classic Uggs that is!
  3. Ugg insoles are about the thinnest sheepskin insoles so Koolaburra ones would only make it worse as they are so thick. You really need to wait until the insole is very worn and flattened

    This is why I really don't like Uggs as they don't have removable inner soles like Koolaburra
  4. I took my daughters to a shoe repair shop thinking they could cut them out but they wouldn't. It is just not comfortable with the new sole on top of the old. Any other ideas?
  5. Yeah, buy Koolaburras! That is what I'm thinking. The Ugg insoles on top of the existing footing is awfully uncomfortable even when flattened.
  6. I actually just ripped my out of my UGGs...mine were definetly worn down and it really didn't take much. One came out super easy...the other took a bit of tugging but it was more because I could barely grab the fur, they were so flat. I put the new ones in and they don't move. I'm sure they don't want you ripping them out but they are put in like any other foot liner, just glued down a bit.