Putting a gucci in the washing machine.. Or other methods of cleaning

  1. When I read the title I thought rachaellyndsey was joking :lol:

    Seriously, you have brought this bag back from the dead :ninja:
  2. Thank you for posting the before and after pictures, that's quite a difference! I agree with papertiger: you have given it a second life! Good for you! :tup:
  3. Interesting...you are very inventive. But the problem that you noted is the reason that I only buy all leather handbags. I have had my share of the canvas and fabric bags. I never thought of the washing machine. Shows you the strength and integrity of Gucci design.
  4. LOL! This the second time on here to hear a person using a washing machine to clean their designer bag without hearing other opinions if it okay and making others speechless at the same time! This makes my day all the time!:lolots:

    OP, it looks really great!:tup:
  5. I agree with you on the fabric bag front. I normally stick to leather unless I love it. I havent had great experience with Gucci durability. The most notable being a pig coin purse, whose tail lasted around a week before snapping, and aftersales was terrible, they tried to say it was supposed to be snapped, until I showed them it on the website! The lady was so patronising I never bought a Gucci item since.. though I wish they didnt make such gorgeous bags!
  6. How did the other washing machine attempt work out Luxe?
  7. Looks great! Very creative! :smile:
  8. Gaaah! You scared us haha. It actually looks really good! I love the idea of a bow! You are very creative, OP! Way to go!
  9. Oh, I was just stating that this a second time a person decided to wash their designer bag in a washer even if they ask whether it be fine even though they did anyways or did not ask while in the making everyone here so scared. I hope my last respond wasn't to confusing:amuse:

    Personally I don't know any other safe attempts since I don't own any bag or even expensive bag. But wow, I'm still amaze the bag turn out fine. This thread made me realize that I shouldn't underestimate Gucci canvas and maybe I should invest in Gucci bag one day.:smile:
    Once again, I wan't to say it look really great!
  10. Ahhh, I understand now!

    Very durable in the washing machine, but I guess the main point of me restoring it was that it was so scruffy & damaged in the first place, so I guess it's a bit of a double edged sword! :smile:
  11. You are brave! I did hand-washing my Gucci tote bag when I spill my coffee on it. So I think it's ok to machine wash fabric Gucci then. Thank you for the experiment.
  12. i've cleaned my gucci canvas bags using baby wipes. works perfectly!
  13. wow that turned out so well! good job! I clean my Gucci by wiping it with water and damp cloth, it does wonders for my bag.
  14. :tup: for canvas that is the preferred method. For my Hermes canvas it even says to do that on the care booklet, so good job.
  15. Wow! It looks great! I love the bow!:smile: