PurseBog looks at Chanel Fall 2014

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  1. Megs and Vlad have the BEST JOB!!!

    Here is their peek at Chanel Fall 2014, just for us.

    As always, I try to pick a favorite. And as always, its very very difficult!

    I am really loving this gorgeous pumpkin color, so this is my pick for today.

    You can view the entire gallery here, and it includes Vlad's wonderful closeups, like this one...


    Enjoy the editorial!
  2. Thanks for posting! The orange looks like the summer yellow and orange mated and made a boy bag! Very nice color! :smile:
  3. Isn't it great? It's a warmish take on pumpkin. I just love it!
  4. It's a very lovely orange; orange is a happy color! :smile:
  5. does anyone know the name of this bag? is it one of the WOC?
  6. I really enjoyed the chanel show set in a supermarket, so clever. thanks for the info and a chance to look at the pics.

  7. I am OBSESSED with that one. I took a pic on my cell so i can remember what it looks like for when the fall ships out!
  8. Wow! Love the details on the necklace!
  9. Let me see what I can find out!
  10. this is heavenly!!!
  11. I am in love with that bag. It's so classy.