Purse Thefts

  1. Like, oh my god....i just saw on the news where I live that a group of thieves are going around and stealing designer purses. I wish the Franklin Police Department would step up patrol at the mall.

    Has anyone else ever had their purse stolen? I did once and I felt so violated.

    LOL..of course, they wouldn't want mine now...I got it from Wal MArt. LOL! :cursing::lol::throwup:
  2. Yes. Years ago I had a Coach bag stolen. Luckily it was found the next day in analley, so I got it back, and yes, I felt violated. :crybaby:
  3. I had my purse stolen a few years back. I was dumb and left it in my car while picking my son up from daycare. I even saw the punks that did it. I was talking with the daycare lady inside of her house and noticed these teenagers walking. I didn't pay much attention about it, but when I went to get into my car, my purse was gone. My heart was racing! That was before I bought pricey bags, but my checkbook, license, soc. sec. card, and cc was in there. First thing I did was called the CC co. and reported my card stolen and headed down to the police station to file a report. Those punks used alot of my checks and forged my name. I went thru HELL!! Thank god I had the police report to salvage my name. I never want to go thru that again. I learned a good lesson from that. Keep my purse with me at all times lol.
  4. Where is this happening? It's kinda like the SATC episode where Carrie's shoe's got stolen! LoL.

    I think more thieves are into stealing bags then really knowing what the value of the bag is, unless they do their research. Who knows..they might be trying to steal knock-off LVs/Coach/whatever thinking they are real.
  5. Yes, years ago, someone grabbed my bag (a clutch) and ran. I chased him. Was running past a building and a police car was in front, and said: "He stole my bag". Then a gorgeous fellow came up and said, "I saw it happen, I can identify him". Police said, "Get in". They chased the purse snatcher and caught him. He didn't throw my bag away soon enough. It was evidence, but got my bag back with contents intact.

    Another time, was with a friend. Her bag was grabbed. We chased the guy, and another fellow knocked him to the ground. Then, truck drivers stopped and kept him down until police came. Turned out the guy who initially knocked him to the ground was trying to mug the mugger for half the "take", and when the 1st mugger hesitated too long, the second one knocked him to the ground.

    I must write my memoirs one day!!
  6. OMG!!! Are you okay...honey, if you need the money I will lend it to you to get a new bag. You should NEVER have bought one from wal-mart. Poor soul! And yes, my cleaning lady stole my LV bad when we lived in Westhaven and like the Franklin Ploice did nothing about it. They laughed at me and said I probably shouldn't be spending so much money a purse. Men jsut don't get it. LOL
  7. I have never had a bag stolen from me and if I did I would probably never stop crying, especially if it were one of my faves!

    I always make sure to keep my bags really close to me, like hugging my hips if I can so that will never happen!
  8. that's right..I don't have any experienced that my bag/purse was stolen.. but my friend experienced it and she never forgot this incident...she's become more aware to the other place and people..
  9. I'm scared nowww.
  10. several years ago I had a small Coach bag stolen in Miami. I was dumb and drunk and went into the ocean at night and left my purse on the beach. I wasn't as upset about the purse as I was that my movado watch and cell phone and CC and license was stolen and it was all in my purse. :sad:

    I live in chicago and 2 of my friends had their purses stolen at a bar and a restuarant . They had hung their bags on their chairs. I guess it is common for thieves to go into a restaurant or bar and just order a beer and scope out the room.
  11. I didn't have my purse stole, but I did have my Fendi wallet stolen from my purse at work. It was a long time ago, but I still remember how upsetting it was.
  12. :wtf: :boxing::supacool:

    Your coolness factor just went up about 100 points. Those are awesome stories.
  13. I had a purse stolen in a restaurant in Las Vegas, and hotel security did absolutely nothing about it. My husband chased after the guy, but it was too late. He then went directly to the nearest men's room and sure enough, there it was in the garbage can. Minus all cash and casino chips.

    I had my wallet stolen from my purse once at work. The purse sat in my desk drawer as it did every day. I got home from work and realized my wallet was gone. I knew beyond any doubt exactly who did it, but had no proof. It was another employee.

    Last, but not least, I left a purse in a fast food restaurant and when I returned 5 minutes later, it was gone. That one was purely my own fault. A bunch of us were out for a bachelorette party. We stopped to pee and primp then ran back out to the limo. Chalk that one up to too many cocktails!

    Now, I am much older and wiser. My bags are also much more valuable!! If anyone ever tried to steal my purse directly from me, they'd get a face full of pepper spray and a swift kick to the southern regions for good measure.
  14. Speaking of thefts, I was teaching a Pre-natal class a couple of weeks ago. I teach in an office building where we have an entire floor dedicated to Public Health. Anyways, my classes take place in the boardroom and I leave my coat, purse, and supplies in an office beside the boardroom.

    During the break, I had people asking me questions etc...there was no time to leave that room. We resumed and I showed the class a video at which point I headed to my office (I've seen the video a zillion times) and as I looked over at my coat, I noticed my purse sitting on top of it OPENED. I immediately got a sick feeling in my stomach and sure enough, as I opened my wallet ALL of my cash was gone.

    I was in SHOCK and came back to the class and didn't know what to do. I dismissed everyone, called the Police and talked to security who said they didn't really see anything, but a man did come down around the time of the break and left in a hurry.

    I know they could have stolen my purse and wallet...and it's only money, but it was MY money and I was planning to buy my daughter an iPod for Christmas.

    I suppose that's why I'm attracted to the NO logo bags so much. Although I'm not dirt poor, I'm also not a millionaire....Besides the thought of someone going through my personal belongings makes me SICK...and angry.

    Hard lesson to learn and I'm still bitter!!!!
  15. It happened to me :crybaby:
    I was robbed on a train, and they took away my LV backpack, my Furla wallet, a pair of D&G sunglasses I was in love with, my mobile phone, my necklace and bracelet and all my stuff. They had a knife and I was really scared. It was horrible.