purse style

  1. I've been wanting to get a purse style and was wondering how people like it? does it fit perfectly on the shoulders? and is it bigger than the medium?
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Thanks:smile:
    Is this style popular?
  4. I personally love this style. I had one for a short period of time. It looks good when it's filled up and so easy to carry. I am looking to get one soon again!

    It's somewhere like an inch taller and wider than the city but not as deep (there is no gusset). It fits very well on the shoulder because it has a slightly longer handle drop than the other styles. HTH!
  5. Kat has a purse and its the same colour (i think as Lilos) and it looks awesome on her!!! i think she's got a pic posted up somewhere in the forum.
  6. i love mine. it's perfect size for me.
  7. I like the purse--it's about the size of the City, but flat. However, I prefer it over the arm or held by the handles because it sits too far up to the shoulder for my taste.
  8. Yesterday I was trying to get this straight and i BELIEVE the Purse drop is 6", while the City/Twiggy/Work is 4.5". But the handles will all stretch an extra inch over time. For me the 6" drop is the minimum for comfortable shoulder carry. But I see Susan-Eric's point, though, the handles have their own geometry - and are double - which really complicates the shoulder carry-ness if you were walking a long distance or fast or trying to hold the hands of little people or doing all of that at the same time, which is my life. :P :blink: :yes:

    BTW, the strap attachment for the hand helds has a 10" drop. As you can see I'm totally confused about which direction to go. Now I'm changing my mind and thinking I need the strap because it's really the only long term/fast walking/hand holding way to keep this bag on your shoulder.

    But I did delete my long standing Tods search on Ebay this morning. I've bought three Tods over the past 10 months: a Miky, Carre and a Hobo. All authentic and all wonderful, but it's time for me to move on. Sigh. Now I'm hooked on Balenciaga! :love:
  9. I have the purse in cognac and have been carrying all week this week and absolutely love it! The size is perfect; you can stuff a lot into it. The color is gorgeous...kind of milk chocolaty. Bbags are just such comfy bags to carry!
  10. Greenie- is cognac the same as caramel? Is it real veiny?? I love the purse style but unfortunately no one sells bal near me so I have to rely on pics.
  11. No, I think the cognac is a little darker. It's more like milk chocolate. Here's a pic....the flash makes it a little lighter. IRL this color is gorgeous! It is veiny. I like veiny; it adds a distressed look that I really like.
    DSC00057.JPG DSC00058.JPG
  12. Absolutely gorgeous:love: :love:
  13. Here's a pic of my pale rose Purse for your reference. I LOVE this bag!
  14. Here is a pic of the Purse and City and Twiggy styles side by side. The pink bag is a Purse. The blue bag is a City. The white and red bags are Twiggys.
  15. Here's another pic for your reference to compare the sizes.