Purse Snatchers at Church!

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  1. How's this for unnerving. In our Church Bulletin a few weeks ago, I read a warning advising the parishioners not to leave their handbags in the pews while they went to the altar to receive Communion. It seems that handbags left in the pews were being stolen, while congregants were receiving the Sacrament.

    In an unrelated incident, the private school that my children attend recently informed parents that “Street People” were stealing from the children’s' backpacks while they celebrated Mass at a neighboring Church. We are now required to keep the backpacks inside the Church where a teacher stands guard over them, instead of in the vestibule where they can be seen from the street.

    These are two different Churches in separate cities, both in very well-to-do communities. I’m seeing an unfortunate trend, and I’m sensing that it’s not just a Catholic problem, so I’m letting all of you ladies know. Worship with all of your soul, but keep your handbags close to your heart!
  2. How sad!!! Stealing at a Church??? What is this world coming to?
  3. Oh my goodness, that's terrible!
  4. How utterly disgusting!! Just awful
  5. Hard to believe. It takes all kinds of people to make up this world. And it's hard to feel sorry for them.
  6. I think that's awful but I also worry about leaving my bag on a plane to us the bathroom so I take it along to be safe (although I'd rather not) because the world just isn't secure these days.
  7. wow, that is sad. you would think you could leave it in your own church.

    i have never thought of the plane thing shoeguru...that is probably a good idea.
  8. We have had similar warnings at our Church. People come in with the sole intend of stealing. It's really very sad.
  9. That's horrible. I guess you really can't be too careful anymore, no matter where you are.
  10. This is so horrible.
  11. that's a sin! :P(i'm sorry I had to)
    but that really is terrible!
  12. Disgraceful. But nothing new, unfortunately. At the church in Limerick, Ireland (my nearest big town) there is always a security guard on duty. This is because otherwise thieves would steal church valuables and donations from the public. This particular church is a very people-friendly one in the centre of town, but it has paid the price. The security guard is very low-key. He'll usually be a middle-aged guy sitting reading a paper or book by the enquiries desk. But although he's in plain clothes, church-goers know he's security. It's a depressing refection on the way we live now.
  13. :wtf: AT CHURCH!? ugh...that's just...UGGH
  14. Yikes!That's really awful!
  15. At least on a plane no one could go anywhere with your stuff...
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