Purse Pleaser

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  1. Has anyone tried the thing advertised on tPF

    this is the link

    Purse Pleaser

    it "looks" like it would work but i just don't know... it looks to good to be true....
  2. There are many discussion on these purse organizers in the main Handbag Forum. =)

    Purseket (purseket.com)
    Bagmate (Bagmate.com)
    Pursebrite (can be found at Bed Bath Beyond)
    Joey Junior Pursemate (joeyjunior.com)
    Purse Pleaser

    You will find many discussions in the LV forum as well, many members use them to prevent the sagging factor of Speedy.
  3. I don't have any pursekets, but they're a good idea. I know a lot of girls have success using them. As bag.lover said, especially with LV speedy and Longchamp totes.
  4. thanks :smile: