Purse organizer epiphany!

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  1. I've had a purse organizer for a while - the PTG jumbo. It wasn't quite big enough to totally fill my speedy b 35 or noe. After falling a bit out of live with these bags I ordered the extra jumbo which fills bith bags perfectly, and has rekindled my lib for these bags.

    It's especially great on the speedy as I don't like sag but also works beautifully on my preloaded noe which had lost its shape somewhat!!
    Pls excuse pic taken right now on the bus!
  2. What us a PTG jumbo please?
    I have a petite noe and wonder if it would help me
  3. ^^ Purse To Go, I believe
  4. Can you post a picture of the PTG inside the Noe? I just picked a vintage noe and need something to help organize it!!! You got the extra jumbo right?