purse or j12?

  1. i was thinking of either buying a reissue and either chanel shoes or a couple necklaces OR only buying a black j12. what do you ladies think??
  2. i'm not a watch girl :p
    so i'd prefer bag and few access
  3. J12 :heart:

    I love bags... but J12 is so pretty!!!
  4. That's a tough one! I just purchased 2 reissues recently and thought to myself: "I could get a J12" with the money I spent on the 2 bags! Its too late for me but I'd say go for the watch!! :love: Its so pretty!
  5. Bag !!!! I love bag more than watch so........:smile:
  6. That's a really tough call...hmm I really like the white J12 but I think I would rather spend that money on a few things than on one. So I would get the bag and accessories...but that's a hard choice!
  7. Hmm ... I really like the J12 too! I wouldn't mind sacrificing a few bags for the J12. Maybe you should go to the Boutique try on the watch and bags + accessories and see how you feel.
  8. I love my J12!! I would have to say go for the watch!
  9. J12 all the way.:heart:
  10. That's tough. I love the J12, but I would probably get bags anyway.
  11. J12, you can wear it every day whatever the weather or occassion, but I have too many bags anyways.
  12. what other bags and watches do you have? which would be a better fit for you?
  13. I would prefer bags and accessories personally... the J12 isn't for me, but it looks lovely on others! :smile:
  14. j12!!!!
  15. gosh this is tough
    but i would have to choose bags+shoes+accessories :yes:
    you should go to the boutique and see