Purse lining that transfer colours - what to do?


Feb 10, 2007
I recently bought a Kris Con purse that I love the colour and style. Unfortunately I used it with my LV Cherry Blossom wallet in it and found out the hard way that the lining on this purse has transfer colour onto the vachetta of my wallet. I was so :cursing:.

I definitely won't be using that wallet with this purse. My question is has anyone ever wash the lining of their purses. This particular lining is a metalically black. Anything light colour placed in my purse comes out bluish/grey.

Any suggestions?


Apr 24, 2007
that happened to me too with my rebecca minkoff. i just noticed yesterday. luckily i was using a cheap wallet from nine west, but it was white so i was a bit miffed....but it is barely noticable, just a little bit. idk what to do either :confused1:


oh yes i'm obsessed!
Oct 15, 2007
Vancouver, Canada
just try to avoid using a light-coloured wallet. that's all i can say. i've had such experience too. the pink lining in my gucci tote transfered the pink to my white anya hindmarch card holder. the card holder turns a little pink. fortunately, it doesn't look too bad ... but still =(