Purple metallic Mariah bag, any thoughts?

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  1. I was ebyalling this purple metallic Mariah bag for a while (and now it is on sale on Net-a-porter in case you hasn't seen):


    I'm so attracted to the "blingyness" of this bag, but where/how the heck would you wear it? I usually think of myself as a somewhat quirky dresser, but I can't for the life of me insert this into my wardrobe in my imagination.

    Does anyone have this bag(or another metallic "blingy" MJ) that they have successfully incorporated into everyday life? If so I'd love to see picks!:heart:

  2. i love this bag, i have the venetia in this color and it's amazing
    you wear it with anything, most people don't wear bling on a daily basis other than diamond studs (like me) so this is a perfect way to add it to a "normal" outfit.
  3. ^^^ Dang! - That plum version is gorgeous! -- I think the "dimpled" hardware keeps it from being "over-the-top" blingy and the metallic in this color is subtle enough for day wear (and night too of course).

  4. :heart::tup:
  5. I LOVE this color! I had a patchwork stam this color but sold it cause it was too big...but that color is TDF! This style is great too....I say get....you will probably end up wearing it with more outfits then you think :smile:
  6. :nuts: You should definitely get this!!! I LOVE IT! The colour is awesome! Mind you I love sparkly/metallic things..but wow!
    I hope you get it! haha