Purple Lambskin, Fall 2008

  1. I was at Chanel in Short Hills today, to set up a visit for my History of Fashion class, and found out that for Fall 2008, The jumbo classic flap will be available in purple lambskin. I got on the wait list because they are only getting 3! Also, the salmon color is available now and is absolutely beautiful! So, ladies, if you are not really into the purple metallic, there is another purple coming out in May.
  2. *squeals* :ty::happydance:
  3. The lambskin is a bit scary, lol, but sounds interesting since the metallic did not really blow me away. Thanks!
  4. OMG...*faints*
  5. *faints*

    i hope it's a different shade so i can justify getting it, now that i have the metallic one. LOL!
  6. That was me in the middle of the boutique LOL. I don't know the color, but in drilling Frank, the SA, it seems like it will be a darker purple than the reissue, almost Aubergine maybe...I was not turned on by the metallic, so really excited about this!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. oooooo! i can TOTALLY justify keeping the purple metallic AND getting an aubergine-purple lambskin flap. :graucho:
  8. haha ditto, now that we both have the metallic, if its a darker purple its TOTALLY justifiable...only in purse forum world...in reality everyone will think we're crazy =]
  9. Thanks for the tip!
  10. ITA! lol
  11. How about caviar? I would love to get a jumbo in caviar.......I'm imagining the colour and already :drool:ing.
  12. YES! When are new color Caviar flaps coming out????????
  13. hmm i think i remember someone saying that Chanel isn't making caviar flaps this year, is that true? i would loveeee this shade but I can't do lambskin
  14. So exciting esp it's purple...if only it's in caviar leather.....Do post pics when u got her i guess we have to wait ard May....:smile:
  15. :tup::tup: