purple chloe paddy..does it exist? O.O vanilla and cream difference?

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  1. hmm..just wondering..

    has chloe ever came in a purple-ish color??
    cuz that would look totally amazing i think..and i'd really like to see one if it does!! :nuts:

    and also..another newbie question..
    is there a difference between vanilla and cream for paddy?:confused1:

    thx again!!:heart:
  2. There's the metallic aubergine, which is purpley. But that's all I can think of.

    I'd love a purple paddy :heart:
  3. yep, aubergine is gorgeous, a very under estimated colour IMO

    Vanilla was the very first season bag to come out, its slightly darker than the cream, but each season the undertones of the cream based bags are slightly different which is great (but very confusing for us lol!!)
  4. pls see my avatar, i think most people see this color as purple, but actually it is castor which is like a bordeaux
  5. The metallic anthracite has a purplish tone to it too
  6. Yes, green_eggs, right you are! The metallic anthracite definitely has a purplish cast. :yes: I think the grenat in some lights looks a bit on the purplish side too, but it is a lovely burgandy...:heart: All the off whites, ivories, chalk whites, almost whites, nearly whites, could be whites, was white, should be whites, etc., etc., :shrugs: ....drive me nuts! I probably would buy the craie from '05, if I could find it in pristine condition, but most of the ones I see on eBay are either missing something :cursing: or pretty beat up...Until then, I'll have to be satisfied with the ones I have that are "white" as well!:wlae: So far, in the white category, I have the ivory ('06), and sand ('07) and the blanc, which is a true white ('07), which are very nice. :jammin: I like "mastic" but it looks a little gray to me? Does anyone know if that is the undertone to it?
  7. Gotta laugh... years ago, when Dave Barry was just a struggling author, he published a satire on home remodeling and did a whole section on off-white and how it all is really just rodent-dropping white. My husband used to HOWL at that!!

    Which is not to say that I wouldn't L-O-O-O-V-E to own a craie... especially a loaf. Now that would be HEAVENLY... ahhhh....
  8. YES! I remember that! :yahoo: It was hysterical! It definitely reminds me of the Chloe "whites!" Very good, beth001!!!
  9. ^^ LOL! :lol:

    Or Feces de Rongeur, as Chloe would presumably call it! :lol:
  10. I have a Mastic Anaconda Tote and it definitely is grayish.