Purple Chanel with Pics! Yah or Nah?

  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I recently bought this purple chanel bag from the Fall/Winter 2006 line, but now I'm not sure I like it so much. What do you think? Like it or no? Let me know what you really think :smile:
    Purple Chanel 1.JPG Purple Chanel 2.JPG
  2. I like it. The color is so pretty.
  3. hi,
    i think that maybe its not so much of an everyday bag because of its colour, it can be a very strikingly hot looking bag.
    i can imagine this bag brightening up dull outfits.
    i think its great!
  4. i like it. I had seen it and the leather is so soft and the color is gorgeous!
  5. Love purple!!!

    However, if you've doubt, you should exchange for the one you really like.. just my 2 cents.
  6. LOVE it! :love:

    What feature is causing you doubt about the bag? Maybe we can reassure you.
  7. Oh boy, I really love it! I love the color and the leather. I also like how it has a zip top on that middle compartment. I like everything about it.

    I think purple can be a versatile color, I just bought 2 purple b bags and they seem to go with almost anything. I just LOVE your bag! :love::love::love:
  8. It's a little chunky and boxy, not quite the typical Chanel silhouette. But maybe I'll feel differently later. Thanks for the input!!
  9. Thanks!! Y'all are making me feel better.
  10. [​IMG]

    This colour is exquisite and it is making me drool big time... I always treat purple as a neutral...
  11. Its gorgeous!
  12. I LOVE IT! That particular purple is very versatile and is such a hot fall/winter color! It's so unique and pretty that I'd personally keep and enjoy it!
  13. I love the color! And I love how it spells out Chanel on it! It looks like a great bag!!!
  14. Ohhh, I LOVE the purple :love:... I think your tote is from the Rock and Chic line! :smile: IMO, it's a great casual tote, and purple is really versatile IMO (I don't have a purple Chanel... my HG is out there somewhere haha, but I'm loving my Bal violet Twiggy in the meantime)... it looks great with brown, black, cream, beige, white, prints, yellow (I love purple and yellow accessories together), etc. :smile: I know the lambskin on this line is very soft, and may be susceptible to scratches, but if that doesn't bother you (it might bother me, but I'm anal haha :smile:), AND you love the color, I think she's a keeper! :tup: Congrats!! :yahoo:
  15. that deep purple color is gorgeous!! keep it unless you think you won't get any use out of it, in which case, exchange it for something else.