Purchasing from BalNY

  1. If I'm in Pennsylvania and I'm ordering from BalNY, how much tax and shipping would I have to pay--NY amount of PA? THanks!
  2. Shipping is free and since you're in another state there is no sales tax :yes:
  3. wow really? this is very exciting!
  4. I just noticed your signiture says you're on a ban!:roflmfao: What are you getting?
  5. lol...yeahhhh:busted
    i want to get either a plomb/steel day or a black day--still haven't decided yet.
  6. Feifei...how exciting!!!! I love the day style...I'm ordering a Cinnamon Day Tues..:tup:
  7. well i've offically just broken my ban and bought a plomb day!
  8. Yay congrats. I've seen the leather on some Plom's already and they are gorgeous!! Congrats
  9. Can any of you help med with an email address to Bal NY? I live en Europe, but heard its possible to order from Bal NY? I am looking for Magenta.

    Thanks a lot.
  10. BALSTR001.NewYork@us.balenciaga.com
  11. :sad: kinda wish i got the black day now.
    how fast do they ship at BalNY? If I ordered around 1 PM EST today, is it too late to change the order tomorrow morning?
  12. Why do you want the Black now? Hehe it's funny cuz I have the Black Day with the GGH and I am trying to find one in the Steel/Plomb color instead. I may now opt for the Brief style though.
  13. ^ lol! i want the black now because i'm scared that the steel will look like a faded black rather than a charcoal gray against my black clothing (like a black dress washed in hot water too many times). Daphne sent me a picture of the day she's sending and I can't see any undertones! Plus I don't really have a big leather black bag.

    Why do you want the plomb now?
  14. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be beautiful. Remember, we all want to see pics when your new baby arrives!
  15. YES feifei... we want pics :yes:. There is no shipping service on a Sunday...so if you call them when they open Monday you'll most likely catch the shipment before it goes out. I'm in agreement with Leeny, whatever you pick will be GORGE!