Purchase History!?

  1. :crybaby: I called Ala Moana shopping center's LV and talked to an SA who told me prices for the Hampsteads and I was thrilled and excited since they had all three!! AND the GM is just the right price ($1150)--- was going to order over the phone (on Friday- but today I was just checking prices)

    and she told me I needed to have a "purchase history" in order to ship..........to me...........

    that's ok- she told me to call 866......

    it was still cool talking to a SA.... :smile:
  2. I think this was the same deal when people wanted to buy Sophies from the Hawaii boutiques... :hrmm:
  3. this policy must be for their own protection?
  4. apparently for some reason hawaii is separate from the US. you need to have purchased something from any of the hawaii boutiques (in person) in order to call and have something sent to you.
  5. Interesting.
  6. sooooo...........if I call Seattle they'd let me order?

    but--- I guess it's better just to call the MAIN LINE since I might be charged for sales tax?

    which reminds me of a story!

    One time, long long ago- I was shopping downtown in some retro shop and the sales person was trying to sell me something with WA sales tax-- I said "umm, no, I'm an Alaskan resident with NO sales tax (thank you OIL!)" and the person just wanted to see my AK ID... so I let them.... and they said------a good 30 secs later---- "It's sooooo hard finding the numbers on the FOREIGN ID's"

  7. yeah its such a weird system they have. though i'm not sure what the sales tax rules are for ordering from other states/boutiques. personally if i wasn't living in hawaii...i'd go for some in oregon!
  8. oh god.
  9. my thoughts exactly.

  10. oddly enough, that's never happened to me while i was on the mainland, despite encountering a lot of people who thought hawaii was its own country :rolleyes:
  11. Umm...thats odd~~
  12. yeah- but this was in 1993.........

    more recently (2003)<--(I'm getting old, 4 years ago seems like yesterday!)

    I was eating dinner with my friend and her mom- our husbands were coming home from Iraq and we were anxious (1000000% worse than bag fever!) haha~ anyways- I told her were I was from and she said "must be so hard living up there with all those communists huh?"

    :wtf: :shocked: :weird: :wacko: :huh: :noggin:

    100% true story. And my conclusion as to why she said this was that she only got to 10th grade education. (and not like *genius*-can-leave-high-school-for-college-10th-grade, like 10th-grade-dont-wanna-do-homework-and-go-to-class-10th-grade)

    hahaha~ I've encountered many situation just because of my ethnicity and location. It didn't phase me until she just went on and on because she was buzzed up off of coors light.... I was ready to knock the ***** out. but didn't. I'm better than that.

    (sorry- so off the topic) haha~
  13. Love your stories!
  14. The Hampstead is beautiful, I hope you get it!
  15. haha- thanks, I won't even start on all the plane conversations I've had.......and heard..... back and forth from Anchorage/Fairbanks to Barrow..... (Barrow is ONLY accessible by plane, that is, unless you want to drive on the tundra for 28 hours!!!)