Puppy Strangles?

  1. I searched for "Puppy Strangles" and didn't see it on the forum, so I thought I'd start a thread:

    Last night, my boyfriend's son brought our new puppy into the room and showed him to me. It was around one in the morning, and he told me that Sammy (the puppy) was swollen. I held Sammy, and, sure enough, his lymph nodes were enlarged. Right up under his neck, the nodes were visibly swollen and hard to the touch, and they felt rounded. I immediately called the animal emergency number, and the service person on the other end of the line told me that Sammy sounds as if he has the "Puppy Strangles," a disorder I'd never heard of. He said that I could take him to the vet this morning instead of last night, as long as the puppy didn't have trouble breathing.

    We'd taken him to get his first set of shots on Saturday, and while there, we had the vet look at some blisters that had formed around his little mouth earlier in the week. She gave him an oral antibiotic for the sores, which almost look like little pimples, and said it should clear it up.

    Now his sores still haven't healed, so he has them all around his mouth and nose, and he just looks so sad and pathetic, because his cheeks, around his mouth, and his neck are incredibly swollen and puffy! He doesn't look like himself at all, but I keep telling him how he's a cute, sweet little boy. It just breaks my heart to see him this way. Animals can't talk to us and tell us when they're in pain, or discomfort, or feeling sick, but Sammy has been giving other clues as to his behavior, such as not playing as much and drinking a lot.

    He'll be going to the vet this afternoon; my BF is going to take him. I'll be at work. But I still worry a lot about Sammy. He's just a baby, and I wonder if he's scared or hurting! I'm almost in tears over his condition!

    Has anyone else's dog had Puppy Strangles? I hear it's more common in dachshunds (which Sammy is) and labs. Is anyone out there familiar with it? How long before Sammy is all better? Is there anything we can do to help him while he's like this? Any answers appreciated!
  2. I have heard of this condition but am not familiar with it. I am so sorry about sammy. Please keep us updated on him!!!
  3. My baby is still so sick! We took him to the vet yesterday for the third time in a week, and she held him overnight for observation, and so that she could give him frequent shots, because he is unable to take medicine by mouth. Hopefully we'll get him back Saturday and all will be well, because he was doing very bad for awhile there. The vet has told us that puppies are frequently affected due to their immune systems.

    I'm surprised that nobody else's dog has had this condition, though. Early detection is important from what I hear, because this condition can be a matter of life or death!
  4. Hon, look up "Canine Juvenile Cellulitis" on the net, that's the proper name.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Oh no! I hope your baby doxie comes out okay!
  7. I've never heard of that. I hope he's okay! Poor baby. :sad:
  8. I hope your baby Sammy is okay/doing better! Please keep us updated! Hugs!
  9. I hope he gets better. I have never heard of this condition.