Pulled the trigger on the Grey Metro Magnolia from Luna Boston..

  1. During the extra 25% off sale...$153.75....been waffling on it for a while,but the price was too good to resist! Hope I love it!
  2. It is gorgeous! You will love it. I adore mine!
  3. You're such a lucky lady..This bag is stunning and that was a great price..Please do mod pics when you get it.
  4. What a steal, congrats!
  5. That's a great deal, OP! Congrats & I hope you'll share pictures when you get her :happydance:
  6. Enjoy. Had it in my cart and when I went to buy it it was sold out. I already have 2 Treesje Haven Crossbody bags so I didn't really need it anyway but it's so cute.
  7. Sweet! Can't wait to see pics!