1. I have brown big Pulicati bag. Everybody asks me about this bag since it's rare and beautiful:smile:
  2. Just have to say, i've seen a few of these purses and fell in love with each. They were $160 @ TJMax and really tempted me, but i'm saving up for my vaction. Maybe i'll see one there :beach:
  3. Is anyone else having trouble viewing this site?
  4. I've seen the Pulicati bag @ TJM also and they only had two at $179, which wasn't too bad, but unfornately DH told me no:crybaby:
  5. I just got a Pulicati bag for $36 today @ TJM. Although I had never heard of the brand, the bag really stood out! Quality leather, nice style, and at that price, I couldn't resist!
  6. What did it look like? Can you post a pic? Was it a small or large handbag? Thanks.....:rolleyes:
  7. Pulicati has a website, I wasn't really able to view the bags but Marshalls always has them. The bags are gorgeous. I bought a cognac color large leather satchel. I absolutely love it. My only complaint is there are not enough pockets inside, just a zipper compartment and a plastic cell phone pocket. The inside is not impressive at all. All Pulicati bags I have seen look like this inside. They do have nice designs and I think the bags do stand out.
  8. I cannot see the bags
  9. Pulicati is a leading firm in the field of leather goods and fashion shows at Macef Milano Pavillion 22-24 in Milan. They are located in the city of Napoli (I think it is in the Southern region of Sicily) I think the proper company name in the trademark database is "C.P. Di Pulicati Carlo SAS";)

    The import database shows that they sell to: Shipping CONSIGNEE: MARSHALLS. 770 - COCHITUATE ROAD FRAMINGHAM MA (Marshalls and TJ Maxx are same parent company) :smile:
    If you are going to Sicily, here's the info that I found on Pulcati: Company name: Pulicati Italia Other name listed: Pelletterie di Carlo Pulicati (Napoli; Italia); Category: Purse (Borse - Dettaglio a Napoli); Address: Strada Comunale Vecchia, 93, 80126 Pianura, Napoli. 80126. Phone: 081 5885506; Other Address: Via Comunale Vecchia, 93, 80126 Napoli (NA), Italy, Phone: 081 5885506‎; Map: http://search.reteimprese.it/index_cerca_all.php?cosa=p%20pulicati%20carlo%20sas
    Other Contact Information: C.P. Di Pulicati Carlo Sas
    Via Bisignano,13; 80121 Napoli Tel.: (+39) 081421856 Codice: 01301-00311083 Forma Giuridica: SAS Fa parte della categoria: Pelletterie - Produzione E Commercio a Napoli ;
    Source: http://www.prontoimprese.it/campania/napoli/napoli/pelletterie-produzione-e-commercio%7C311083.html :yahoo:
  10. I'm italian but I've never heard this brand too!
  11. So if I bought a shiny, gorgeous red patent leather alligator type bag for under $400.00 is it the real deal? as I am having a hard time finding this designer brand's web site or other handbags or travel bags. Any help would be appreciated. It's an awesome bag! Love it! Just don't know if it's authentic or not. I guess it really doesn't matter, but would be nice to know. This is the first time ever posting on a blog, so if I'm doing something wrong, sorry.
  12. www.carlopulicati.com/

    I just got a big, slouchy buttery soft camel hobo style Pulicati at an estate sale for only $3!! :nuts: I LOVE this bag!! I just need to clean it up a bit, but it's in perfect shape...

  13. ^Great find!! Looks very soft. :smile:
  14. Really lovely bags...
  15. Yes, me!!!!!!!!!!! I too got my bag in "Italy" at Epcot Center. It is by far my favorite bag ever, and mine was only like $124. I get tons of compliments, and I love that it is not the trendy, Coach, D&B, or considered a fake or knock off.
    I found this forum by searching for Pulcati in the Boston area!