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Dec 11, 2005
I've looked all over this forum (search/advanced search... :amuse:), and I can't find mention of a lovely little bag I found in Italy...


I'm surprised no one here has mentioned it.

Now, when I say I found it in Italy, I wasn't ENTIRELY truthful.
Like most of you, I'm on the eternal quest for "the bag"... not the latest, hippest bag necessarily... but the perfect bag. The one that holds all of our things in a tasteful, beautiful package. For me, that's not too big, with a strap that is just big enough to go over the shoulder, but not big enough to go over my torso.

So, I just came back from my vacation. Not very romantic perhaps, but I went to Disney World.

As you might know, they have a "World Showcase" where they show off some of the wares of the country. I was walking around looking for a rememberance in the world, when i walked into italy. There it was. A beautiful, classic bag. Not pricey, but finely made...

I might have found my bag. But reading here, I haven't read anything about it. It's a beautiful bag, and if I have a moment, I'll take a photo... but I see no mention of this designer/brand... I looked at other bags (not mine unfortunately) on their site, and I think they are adorable... maybe I'm a minority here, but I'm suprised it hasn't been mentioned.

Anyone seen anyone else wearing a bag by this designer/brand?
I too have just purchased a Pulicati bag and I love it. It's more of a messanger style bag with a really rich pebbled leather that is a dark green- almost grey color.

Glad you posted-- I was also wondering why no one else was talking about these bags!
I hear what your saying....today at TJmaxx i literally fell in love with this Pulicati purse. It was 130 dollars and i realized it was out of my price range. I came home and tried to find one on ebay or anywhere but there really is nothing about Pulicati purses. Im not a huge bag freak but this purse was perfect it is exactly the kind of purse that you want to have everywhere you go because it just is that cute..im so bumbed! Anyone now how to get a hold of one!?!?!
:yahoo::yahoo:I just put an off-white Pulicati handbag in layaway last week. It was priced at $199 and I don't usually spend that much on bags, but I couldn't resist! It's large enough to be a tote and looks like the bags I've seen celebs carrying! I had never heard of the designer before and I've been online looking for the maker and he seems to be rather exclusive. I've looked around since putting it in layaway thinking I might find something I like for less money but nothing comes close -- its's absolutely FABULOUS!! Check out the website which has lots of great bags, or watch ebay.
I never heard of Pulicati and I am also Italian, like maryg1. I checked their site and I saw that a couple of their bags look a lot like Gerard Darrel, though in more flashy colors and materials (red patent, croc-like leather). They seem to have only a couple of shops in Italy, nothing like big brands such as Furla or Francesco Biasia. On the other hand, there are so many leather goods producers in Italy that it is impossible to keep track of everybody...