Pug Momma Going Crazy (that would be me)

  1. Help! I need some place to vent my frustration and ask a couple questions. I have two pugs at home: 1 is a 6 year old fawn male (Hamilton), and the second is a 1 year old black female (Meena). Hammy is my needy little guy, very docile, not so playful anymore, only happy if he is sitting as close to your head as possible (ie: on your neck if you're lying on the couch!). After 6 years, we have a good rhythm for the way we do things.

    DH and I adopted Meena when she was 12 weeks old from a breeder, and she's been with us since last October. Meena is an entirely different bucket of stew. She is crazy! Okay, so I know she's a puppy, and I appreciate that, but sometimes I am driven batty by her energy, the way she attacks poor Hammy, and her barking. She's as cute as you can get (she's my avatar!), and she loves me, and I love her, but sometimes....I swear....The other thing I am still working on is her potty-training. When she has to go poop, if we're not there watching, it happens regardless. I know the answer to this one: be with her everywhere. Very difficult in our two story house, but I'll have to put some thought into it. She's extremely independent, bossy, and playful.

    So I wanted to put the call out there to other pug owners and dog owners in general: how long does it take for the old dog to get used to the new dog, because Hammy still seems to resent Meena and act depressed; have you ever seen a difference between how black pugs and fawn pugs behave? And if so, how long til I can expect Meena to settle down a bit in her energy level?

    Thanks for listening to me vent...I am going home now to face my two little loving monsters! :smile:
  2. Very cute puppy!

    I also have a more docile fawn chihuahua, and a new black puppy chihuahua who is the crazy one. Although I doubt colour has anything to do with it. they are pretty used to each other and play but Greta (black) is the more hyperactive one. Have you tried bringing treats outside with you and giving them one the moment they are done going potty? There will always be accidents and I find that smaller breeds are a bit tougher to potty-train, also they usually have to go to the bathroom more often.
    I think that Meena will come around and also settle down, have you had her fixed?
  3. Hi Danica, yup, she's been fixed. We do a lot of treats for good potties and good walk habits, etc. I think the key on the potty thing is for me to put some baby gates on the stairs. That way, when we are upstairs she can't just run downstairs and do what she wants, or decide to go poop on our Perisan rugs becuase the back door didn't magically open.

    It took a while for Hamilton as well, and I count my blessings. She is crate-trained, and can hold her potty the whole day while we are at work. That's great.

    She's so feisty. I guess there might be a difference between male and female as well. I should have known when I went to pick her up from the breeder and her 3 year old mother was zooming around the house like a circus acrobat!
  4. It took a good 6 months or so for my 3 year old to get used to the younger pug. Now she is almost 4 and she is used to my son's new puppy already, and we have only had her for a month. Our one year old, however, is still not used to the puppy. I guess it just depends.
  5. Aww, your Meena looks a lot like my Luna. I also have two fawns (Hazel & Disco) and they are the crazy ones! I also joke to my DH and say if we ever get another pug we will get a black one because Luna is so well behaved and she is the youngest too. I thought it must be a black pug trait but I guess not because it’s the opposite for you. Pugs are pugs and they all have their own unique personality. As far as housetraining it took my pugs about a good year to finally figure it out. I found closing all of the doors in the house helped out a lot so they didn’t have too much room to roam and find spots to go to the bathroom. Pugs seem to have ADD and seem to act out right away and think later. Keeping Meena in a confined area sounds like the right idea to help with her potty training. As far as her energy I have read it takes a pug about 3 years to finally settle down. All of my pugs are under 3 so I wouldn’t know just yet. Hazel and Disco are two little spitballs of energy. Sometimes they go so nuts I threaten to call Ceasar Millan (the dog whisperer) on them! It can be very frustrating sometimes but at the end of the day the love they give me back is all worth it.
  6. I am also a pug momma and have 2 myself. My oldest (9) is the most loving, snuggly, quiet, pug. While my second (4) is CRAZY!!! He has been crazy since he is a puppy and I have also been wondering when it stops! I think some pugs are wired differently. My second pug, Franklin, also has potty training issues since day one. He has good weeks and bad weeks. Sometimes he just gets so excited he poos or its raining and he doesn't like going outside when its wet. While, my first pug, has never had one accident EVER in the house. As far as how long it took them to get along-they got along almost instantly. Given, that Pug #1 was older when Frank came along, he would get a little miffed if he didn't want to play at that moment. I just think ALL pugs are different. Hope this helps.
  7. hi there, I am another pug loving mama! I only have one 5 1/2 year old pug right now and she really reminds me of your Hamilton. Last night she slept on my pillow with me! I don't have any real advice to offer, but I wanted to send hugs and also thank you for starting the thread as my DH and I were thinking of getting Clara a friend, but were not sure how she would react. please keep us posted and I am sure they will find a balance with each other once they see there is always plenty of love for puglets!
  8. mm16, I was just reading your post again and had to laugh because I also expereience the "I am not going out to the bathroom when it is raining attitude". I thought it was only me, glad to hear my Pug isn't crazy, perhaps they all are! LOL!
  9. Hi all! When it rains I have to escort Sir Hamilton outside with an umbrella before he will go. I guess if he sees that I'm getting wet as well as him, it's okay. :p Hammy and Meena do get a long pretty well most of the time; Meena loves to try and play with Hammy, but lately I feel like she is bullying him more than playing since she plays pretty rough. Hammy is so submissive he won't give back if she's all over him. So I intervene quite a bit.

    Pug ADD sounds about right! The accidents generally happen on the weekends when she is out all day, since then she doesn't feel restrained by being in her crate. I just have to be more aware. In my old condo, I only had a balcony. So I actually litter box trained Hammy! And he's so good now.

    I guess there's no black or fawn pug generalization I can draw...I hope that Meena does settle down a bit over time. But mm16 has a 4 year old that is still nutty?! Oh, goodness, I don't know if I can make it! :rolleyes:
  10. ^^Haha, i guess he's not like overly nutty. He is just a playful lovey dovey pug. He is so spastic at moments and at other moments he just looks like a cow lying on the grass in the sun. Pugs are the most wonderful pets! They keep me so entertained!
  11. I see you use a crate...here is what you do. You take your dog outside (treats in pocket) to the same place everytime, tell him to potty (or another cue word). Give him one minute, if he doesn't go potty bring him back in and put him in his crate. Wait 10 mins and try again, if he goes wait until he finishes and then lots of praise and treats. Basically your dog is not allowed out of the crate until he pees & poos and then he can come in and play. Just remember in an hr or 2 to take him out again.

    Also, you can get a bell tie it to the door and teach him to ring the bell when he has to go out. It is simple, just show him the bell and tell him to touch it, or ring it for him at first and then take him out immediately. Don't let him outside to play, make sure he gets his time limit to potty and then bring him back in....put him in the crate if he don't go. It will be like a game at first, it was with my girl, but you must take him out whenever he rings the bell.

    Youf little guy is adorable! Some dogs are more challenging than others....just be patient he will get it!

    Good luck!
  12. Thanks everyone for your support! It helps to know there are more Pug Mommas out there! Here's a picture of my Hammy-boy. :heart:
  13. Awh Hamilton is so cute! He looks like a perfect gentleman! I'm glad to know also that there are lots of pug mommies here!

    I have a question for you Pishi if you could PM me.