Pst Info

  1. Hey, does anyone know the style number of the PST? I called Saks and was describing it to the SA and he didn't know what I was talking about! He said they call everything "shopping totes" and that it's not descriptive enough. I was so confused..but I knew I could ask you guys : )
  2. talk to an SA who is more familiar..its unbelievable that the SA didnt know what a PST was
    better yet, ask to speak to the Chanel purse rep/buyer....alot of stores have them but they're not always in the store. you can leave a message

    OR call my Saks and ask for Martha or Annette (561) 417-5151 i saw it there in camel.....

    good luck
  3. I think mine was called petite shopper on the box. ????
  4. I'll check my box when I get home today..I thought you bought this!??? Didn't you buy this in black? I'm confused!!