PS11- Which color should I get?

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  1. Hey guys! I have never owned a Proenza Shouler bag and I'm inclined to buy the PS 11. However I'm torn between the Black and the Saddle. They both look awesome in the pictures.

    Please help me choose the color. Which one should I get? Thank you .
  2. PS11 is such a beautiful bag. Wonderful craftsmanship. I have it in Black. I'll say you can never go wrong with either color as both are neutral and will work w/ all outfits.

    Here's mine btw :biggrin:
  3. I would choose black over tan.
  4. Another vote for black! It's such a classic
  5. Saddle! I personally don't think black does the bag justice.
  6. I usually prefer black over everything else, but I saw a photo of PS11 in saddle with black hardware posted by another tpfer and I fell in love with that bag.. :love:
  7. There is a black classic on sale on Beyond the Rack, last I looked. They also have the mini in black and saddle.
  8. Does anyone know if Beyond the Rack is an authorized retailer of PS?
  9. No they are not.
  10. Before looking into it, because of your question, I had assumed they were Nordstrom's version of Outnet because of the name. Price wise I guess you are better off with HGBags if you're going "non-authorized." But I've never seen her list a PS11.
  11. I don't have black, but the Saddle PS11 tote I have is just the best caramel shade in leather this side of Hermès. I have no doubt it will patina beautifully. It looks better in person than in photos. But, depends on what you'll wear it with... And if you have/want in future any other flap bags in black (Chanel or Celine etc for example). HTH!
  12. If you dont hv any black bags, then the black. Else the saddle.
  13. OP did you decide? I am considering the same thing. I have a lot of black bags already so saddle makes more sense, but I agree with another tpfer that black is more classic. Both are gorgeous, I do think black is slightly more dressy, which is a nice juxtaposition with the edge hardware. The saddle is more casual to me. Please post pix when you get it!!!
  14. I debated both but got black. The saddle is a gorgeous color but it felt less edgy, more classic. I think it depends on what look you're going for.
  15. I just bought the black over the weekend, but I had the very same dilemma as you. Both colours are just beautiful and make the bag look completely different!

    I always thought I would get the saddle, as it looks beautiful in photos, but I ended up choosing a black mini. I like the contrast of the hardware against the black leather, and I think I can use it more at night time than the saddle.

    Black is more versatile, and a little dressier than the saddle. If your style is quite casual, then the saddle would be just perfect!