Providence in my closet! (or how I got my heart's desire)

  1. This tale is true, and I am still walking in a daze. I am in love with the Ali in whiskey. I had bought some canvas handbags earlier in April at the outlets, and I got a grease stain on one of my canvas bags, which made me rethink my choice of canvas. SO, after shallowly obsessing reading the Purse Forum, I decided to return the summer striped bag, and the striped scarf, and the black swingpack (not the stained bag, I got most of that out). I was gonna save up for my dream bag, my Ali.

    Now comes the good part. I still needed over $200 to reach my goal. I am thinking “How can I stash that much cash without hubby getting suspicious?” And THEN, I clean out my closet, including purses. I am making a donation pile, and find an old wallet. I decide to make sure it’s empty before donating it. AND I FOUND $220 DOLLARS IN IT!!! It was the universe telling me that I deserve that bag!

    So I went ahead and returned the other bags and ordered the Ali in Whiskey. It should be here next week. I can hardly wait. WHOO HOO!

    Ladies, clean out your closets! Every penny can help. Sorry so long, I'm just so darned happy! :yahoo:
  2. That's awesome!! Isn't that great to find money you didn't even remember you had? You're going to love the whiskey. It's such a nice color. I have the shoulder bag in whiskey and love it.
  3. Nice! The most I've ever found in wallets, pockets and jackets is $10.
  4. Wow, $220. that's quite the find! Congrats on getting your Ali!
    I only find small change or maybe a buck, if I'm lucky!
    I do love finding wet money in the washer.....tee hee! If I find it, it's mine. :nuts:
  5. lol 220?? Man woman how did you miss that! It's fate!!
  6. Woohoo! Forgotten savings account - love it.
  7. Wow! It was serendipity!!! :yes: How exciting and congratulations on the find and the purchase!!

    And, next time I need to come up with money by stashing it away and then have to explain it... I'm going to use that story!!!! :graucho: Heehee!
  8. I never carry that much cash. I have no idea how it got in that old wallet. I'm pretty sure it was MY old wallet, tho!
  9. OMG! :nuts: That is SOOO AWESOME!
    Enjoy your new Ali!! :yahoo:
  10. My MIL once found $500 in a purse that was HER mother's... she kept the bag but never looked it in until about 15 years after her mother's death when she was getting ready to donate stuff to Goodwill -- and there was the $$. It was five $100 bills folded twice and zipped into a little pocket.
  11. It's probably been at least three years since I used that wallet. I'm going to get a new Coach wallet at Macy's F&F to complement my new Ali! Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments.:happydance:
  12. Congrats on your find and your Ali.
  13. Can I hang out in your closet for awhile?:drool:

    Congrats! Have great fun and enjoy your Ali!
  14. Nice!!! it's like it was meant to be.
  15. WOW!!! Congrats!!