protecting calf (or pony) hair shoes??

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  1. I just ordered these amazing leopard print sam edelman heels (with studs on the platforms and a mirrored inside heel - AH). They're some kind of hair, I think its calf but the shoes are no longer up on the website so I can't read the description. I have never had calf hair shoes before. Anything I should do to protect them before wearing??
  2. Calf/Pony hair is such a pain the ass (for me at least). If anyone has a good suggestion you will have to share. I just have to be extra careful - I treat them kind of like sequins. I don't let my pants rub them or wear them while driving because the hair tends to rub and either look funky or rub off.
  3. I always keep mine in the box when not wearing and I don't wear them in wet weather (ie, rain, snow, etc).
  4. Resurrecting this one... I just bought a pair of leopard pony hair wedges off the Nine West sale and I'm wondering, does anyone know of any products I can use on them to prevent balding/staining etc? Would a regular suede/nubuck protector work?
  5. Just Meltonian it and baby it like suede :yes: