Pros/Cons/Pics? Medium Hobo ~ I gotta know :)

  1. Hi Ladies, I must say the Dooney Zebra Hobo (Medium) really caught my eye while browsing online. :nuts:

    I haven't yet seen it in person though, any one have any modeling pics? Any pro or cons about this size bag? This would be my first Dooney purchase so any advice I would appreciate :smile:
    How many accessories can I cram in there? hehe :graucho: Thanks!!
  2. I've seen the bag in person and it's quite roomy. It would probably hold a wallet, makeup, phone and a paperback - not big enough to hold a bottle of water.
  3. Thanks Merika :tup:
  4. All of the hobos I own in that style are the LARGE or x-large (which they aren't making anymore for the time being:sad:).

    I prefer large bags and the large is nice and large without being TOO large. I must admit that my x-large hobo is HUGE...but sometimes I need that so I carry a lot.

    I don't have any pics modeling it...I'm too lazy to do that right now. However, in my bags I carry a large checkbook style wallet -about 7 in long-, a makeup case which is approx 6 inch long, my eyeglasses case, my Treo, sometimes my ipod, various pens and a small maglite flashlite.
    I have room for other stuff, mail, etc.

    With all the stuff I carry, the large hobo is not quite large enough for an additional water bottle. But if you don't carry what I do, you can throw some H2O in there.

    (The x-large hobo is DEFINITELY big enough for a couple of bottles).
  5. :smile: Thanks so much for all the great info! I think my junk I mean accesories:graucho: will fit nicely, I really :heart: the look of the Zebra Hobo, I can't wait to get her!! :nuts:
  6. It would hold a lot. It is such a beautiful bag- do they have it with the red leather trim?