Pros and Cons of the Bedford please!

  1. Still deciding which Pomme to get. It's now between the Roxbury and the Bedford (which I never cared for until the Pomme). Is the Bedford roomy? Hard to get in and out of? Any opinions!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Roomy but hard to get things out of, IMO.
  3. You're always so helpful Lvbabydoll! Thanks! Do you by any chance have a roxbury? If you do, thoughts?
  4. i love my Bedfords, but the opening is a bit stiff and difficult to get in and out of. still, you can put a lot in it, and it works as a shoulder bag too :yes:
  5. The bedford is hard to get in and out of.
    The Roxbury holds more than you would think, I have a zippy wallet, small eyeglass case, gum, compact, lipstick, MC coin purse, and a Razr!
  6. between the two, i'd go w/roxbury, more functionaly IMO :smile:
  7. Aww you're welcome!
    I don't have a Roxbury but I think it's a really cute style and seems much easier to use. The only thing I don't like is how you can't put it on the crook of your arm, it's either handheld or on the shoulder with the strap.
  8. The only miff I have with the Bedford is the tight opening...and that's the only reason holding me back from buying it...if you don't mind the zipper teeth brushing your hand everytime you reach in or out of the purse, then it's a good buy.
  9. I'd get the Roxbury. Prettier and probably more practical IMO.
  10. I prefer the Roxbury!
  11. I love love my Bedford.. I don't own Roxbury yet, but I think it's too small for me.
  12. I was going to buy this during Xmas but turned it down... just WAYYYYY too tight/structured near the opening, a total turn off for me. Have you gone to the store? you should totally check out the opening before buying it. :yes:
  13. I echo everyone's sentiments about the opening being difficult. I just bought a framboise and decided to return it today for that exact reason.:sad:
  14. I love the Bedford and don't have a problem with getting in and out of them. Go Bedford!