Promina Ginseng Pearl Cream

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  1. Has anyone tried this pearl cream? I couldn't find any reviews on it online. It's from Thailand and supposed to be good for whitening and acne. TIA!
  2. YES! It works for me. I used it for one night and I can see the differences, especially the skin tone. My skin now become more fairer because i test it one medium-size spot onto my face skin, and the next day I woke I can see the Promina does makes my skin fairer. My acne has become less visible.

    However, if my skin gets really oily, I need to wipe with the oil facial sheet paper(Clean & Clear). Is better to don't use tissue paper cos it will clog pores. Don't worry, promina cream is still nice onto our skin unless you wipe it away. Really great for my foundation.

    Hope this helps you ;)
  3. ^that's good to hear! i tried it on my left hand for a week and it's a lot whiter/brighter than the right. i'm applying it after sunscreen and moisturizer and i'm surprised something so inexpensive worked better for me than the Shiseido Lucent line.