1. Does this dress look too "mermaidy"? :confused1:

    Jovani 10434199
  2. not at all. you should have seen my dress, lol. mine was preety crazy. i say go with your guts. you will look better in something you like, rather than something you think other people will like.
  3. thanks! yeah, i really like it, i just don't want to look like a mermaid for my senior prom haha :p
  4. It is gorgeous!!!!
  5. It's beautiful!
  6. It look good, but I think it can do with some alteration in getting the length shortened.
  7. i agree. i love the top half, but no the bottom half.
  8. oops double post
  9. its CUTE!
  10. i agree i think it would look better a little bit shorter

    another question, what color shoes would you guys recommend to wear with it?
  11. silver i think wouuld be best. if i were you, i would wear earrings like the model and not wear a necklace since it would take away from the pretty bodice of the dress!!
  12. No, not silver shoes- too promy promy prom prom prom. You want to stand out, and not in the PROM QUEEN! kinda way. Go for patented black pumps that are at least 3'' to 4''. The top half of it is gorgeous, but I don't like the tulle skirt. You can stack up on some sparkly bangles as well.
  13. aw yeah i agree i didnt want silver!! thats why i was confused as to the shoe color :confused1: i think that black would be better as well
  14. I like the dress chopped to the knee. Shorter dresses are more fun and chicer!

    You could even do a bright pump if you want to be bold.
  15. i think dark purple or navy pumps would be more fun than black but still not typical prom-y. these are from the january issue of jane. i think any of them (well, the teal would might be too much) would be pretty. the teal are nine west. the sparkly middle ones (they're a more dark blue-y purple in the magazine) are from macy's. and the purpley ones are BCBG. just some ideas.

    i agree with altering the dress. it's gorgeous, but waaaay too long. too much tulle overpowering the pretty design.