Project Runway: Lifetime, July 28

  1. Anyone watching?

    So annoyed Kim Kardashian is going to be on.
  2. Watching, Ladybug:hugs:.

    Hate to know that Kakes is on. "It looks like you put no effort into it". Bish please. Do you know what true effort is??? NOT!
  3. Eyebrows and granola ski girl will be vera vera intersting:shocked:
  4. lol
  5. She scares me and I don't like her fashion sense.

    I wish the picked the the Hispanic/black looking chic from casting. She'd been trying for several years and even delayed her wedding for the audition.

    Bert is already getting on my nerves.
  6. I am worried about Bert. I had/have high hopes for him but I dunno.
  7. That last thing he put down the runway was ghastly and I loved that the judges called him out on it. What he did is something I could do and I have NO skill.
  8. I likes him and I hope I don't waver but that last outfit of his was atrocious. No excuse because you have immunity.

    Oh and yes. I will be watching Russian Dolls.
  9. I don't know which chick you mean. Is it Anya? The one from Trini? If so, apparently she has a sordid past.
  10. ^^^No, it was another girl during the auditions.

    I'm not really feeling this episode. also didn't like the way the young guy was talking to the red haired girl.
  11. arrrr, her voice drives me crazy!
  12. Poor epi.
  13. I think Bert will stick around a bit longer because Heidi really likes him. I about died when MK called the one girl a "Rocky Mountain Woman"... hee-larious!! I thought the majority of the outfits this week sucked.
  14. Yep, I didn't care for the episode at all.
  15. I can't stand Kim. Can't STAND her.

    I was surprised so many designers missed the mark this week. It seems as though they were unable to separate stilts from the circus.

    Sometimes I think Tim is running a daycare. Don't these people realize how sophomoric their behavior appears on TV?

    I really expected something spectacular from Anya and Oliver. What a disappointment.

    This challenge just didn't light a fire under any of the designers and I place more of the blame on the judges, or whoever came up with this stupid stilts idea. It was uninspiring. I still love the show though and look forward to next week.