Project Rouge Birkin

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  1. Hi fellow TPFers! I'm ready to purchase my very first rouge birkin but can't really decide what shade to get. My choices are the following: rouge vif, rouge vermillion, rouge garrance. I really want a bright red but I'm not sure which among these is the one I'm looking for since the pics posted on the H red family all look the same to me.

    Please please help me decide so I can finally make this purchase before DH changes his mind.:graucho:

    Need your suggestion as well on what leather to get. I'm looking at togo, clemence, fjord or epsom.

    The only thing I'm definite at is - I want it in Gold Hardware!:yahoo:TIA!!!
  2. I love Rouge Vif, it is a true lipstick red and I have it with gold hardware (see my avatar). Just FYI though Rouge Vif and Garrance have been rested this season so no new orders will be placed in these colours.
  3. Yes, I overheard a SA this week saying Rouge Garrance is rested. :crybaby:

    Here is a picture of my Evelyne in Rouge Garrance and my Birkin in Rouge H to give you an an idea. I would say Rouge H is like the color of bing cherries! :biggrin: HTH!

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  4. Love it!
  5. rouge garrance I love that color.
  6. If it's bright you want, Vermillion is the brightest of the 3 and is still available. I just saw it in Swift in a 30cm Birkin last Dec at FSH. It's a sizzling, stop-in-your-tracks red!
  7. Rouge H is swift is gorgeous! Very classy with a pop of color
  8. Have you thought about the new color RUBY? I understand from my SA that it is a lovely true ruby red.
  9. Bright? Vermillion. In Chevre.
  10. hmmm. i didn't know that they were coming out with ruby. i just heard of the bouganvillea, which looks like redish-pink in the pics i saw. i would love to see one though.

    thanks to everyone for your valuable inputs!:biggrin:
  11. RG in togo is tdf
  12. Here is my Rough Vif, Fjord.
    Half the the bag (left) is the color under the shade; the other half(especially bottom right) is the color when contacts sunlight! I love Rough Vif. IMO, it's a true Red. Best of luck for your purchase!


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  13. Ruby is apparently the new red introduced at this podium (sounds lovely). There is a thread about that somewhere around here.
  14. There is also Rouge Venitien from last A/W season since RG is rested