professional sellers! Questions for you!

  1. I am going to list some dooney and bourke, kate spade and coach bags on eBay today. WHat tools or tips do you have so my auction won't get pulled?
    What is the cheapest way to post pictures without paying the extra fees?
    Any other tips to offer a newbie?
    Thank you sosososo much!
  2. Im not a professional seller LOL But I have sold a few things.

    As far as pictures:

    I use photobucket to host my pictures. I actually create a big layout of many pictures using Photoshop, then upload that to Photobucket. Then use the html code within the auction!

    So, I would recommend using Photobucket. Its free!

    I also have a set TOA that I created in Photoshop and uploaded into Photobucket. So I just had that code to ever auction.