Proenza Keep All or Bal city or part time


Caribbean Princess
Jul 7, 2011
Hello everyone. I have never posted in this forum as I am usually a Mulberry girl but this year I wanted to branch out with my collection.
I like big bags but not too big and while I would prefer to have a more slouchy bag compared to a Bayswater I don't want a bag that will not hold its shape at all as that would probably annoy me.
I also want a bag that I could use casually as well as for work and I prefer shoulder bags to satchels.
Not too much bling either. I am looking for something in a red or pink :smile:
So can you help? I would appreciate any advice. I shall also post on the Bal forum to avoid bias. hehe.
Which do you think would be better for me PS Keep All or Bal city/part time?
Thank you!


Jun 21, 2009
Just to say I ordered the orchid and bright red Keep Alls. Will need to wait a while until I can post pics as need to keep them under the radar from hubby.
Oh Congrats!! These are two absolutely gorgeous colors :love: I'm looking forward to the pics!