Product Question

  1. Hi All -

    I have a product related question... is there a walllet-like thing (sort of like a wristlet) that I can pop into my bag that will hold a passport, money and lipgloss (and maybe my phone)? I would really like it to be wristlet style and not a clutch? Am I dreaming? I would love to have a little wristlety-bag for air travel as well as something I could site see with.

    Many thanks!!
  2. I don't know about the wristlet but would a Karo do these things? It is clutchy though...
  3. No wristlets at H but something very close would be an Evelyne TPM. TINY with a long leather strap.
  4. Sorry, I have not seen any. Why don't you try a Karo or a Dogon wallet?

  5. Ahh,... GT! your right, you can also get this with the small strap, it's like a little purse.
  6. Thanks so much!! Does anyone have pictures -- I just checked the H Reference Thread and will keep checking there.

    Thanks again!!
  7. Thank you all! The Karo is truly great -- would be perfect if it was less of a clutch but that looks to be exactly what I want/need.

    Thank you again!!