Problems with Bamboo Handle?

  1. I am thinking of getting a Peggy bag which has a bamboo handle. I think it's absolutely gorgeous but wondered if anyone had had any problems with it. Does it hold up? Has anyone had the handle snap? Is it comfortable when the bag is full? Your tips and comments are SO appreciated!
  2. I don't feel like posting this because the bag is so gorgeous its totally worth it! My only problem that I noticed recently (not when I first got it for some reason) is that some places on the bamboo might be sharp so it might scratch your arm. I think if you file it the problem should go away. I haven't tried fixing mine yet but I think it'll work, there are ways around it. Here's a pic of mine:
    neeha 012.jpg
  3. I haven't had any problems with mine. In fact it is my favourite Gucci bag. I don't carry it on my shoulder as I prefer to handcarry. Also cos the bamboo handles tend to dig into the shoulder when heavy.

    But that being said I find the handles very durable and very very beautiful and unique. Here's a pic of mine.

  4. You ladies aren't kidding when you say the bags are gorgeous! Kneehigz is that the medium size? How soon after you bought it did you begin to see the problem? Kavnadoo, I 'm thinking of the large size and the problem might be worse with an even bigger bag!
  5. There is absolutely no denying that if you have a big bag and have lots of stuff in it, that he bamboo handles will KILL... guaranteed. That being said, I just love the look so I don't care about the pain. ;)

    Like I've always been attracted to the black mirrored Indy since it came out (might get it, we'll see, making myself wait to make sure I like it) and I know it probably won't be the most comfy bag to carry but my oh my that is one HOT and SEXY bag... :drool:
  6. By the way with kneehighz' problem of the bamboo being sharp in a particular place, it depends. If the problem is there it will be there from the start. As bamboo is natural, it is normal for it not to be regular and if there is a bit of a sharp bit, just file it down.

    This is why I love the bamboo. It's not regular and that is what makes it unique cos it's natural. How many bags have natural materials (besides the common treated ones like cotton, leather) that are almost in a raw state? Hope you get what I mean.
  7. Kavnadoo...we must have great taste in bags...I'm dreaming of the exact Birkin! (But we'll save that for another forum) :smile:
  8. Yep mine is medium. I haven't really gotten to use mine yet because I bought some other bags that I was using instead. Kav's right, the problems will be there from the beginning. The scratching isn't a big deal bc you can file them, but I don't know how heavy it can be. In my head it doesn't seem like it would be something I couldn't handle but everyones different. It's worth it it's worth it!:yes:

  9. I love that bag! What is it called?
  10. :heart:
    peggy (Large).JPG
  11. No problems with my medium ivory Peggy. I just love it. I carry it on my shoulder, but I don't put a lot in my bags so they aren't that heavy.


    Here's my other bamboo handle Gucci. I've never known it's proper name. It's a smaller bag, but I still carry it on my shoulder.

  12. Prada, do you use the shoulder strap a lot? Your bags are STUNNING...and a bad influence! :smile:
  13. I know this question wasn't for me but I wanted to say that I LOVE that it has a strap. You can take it off or leave it on, i leave it on. I can carry it on my shoulder, arm, hand, and use the strap on my shoulder, 4 ways and they all look great! Really glad I bought this bag, wouldn't be the same without the strap:heart:

    Oh and Prada I love yours! I had fallen in love with this bag accidentally at Neimans when I saw the black leather one and tried it on. I didn't have any monogram canvas in my collection because I wanted it to be special when I did. They didn't have the monogram peggy in the store so I imagined it and then later bought it online..excellent choice if I may say so myself!:okay::p
  14. Oh Lord, I can feel a new purchase coming on!!!!
  15. Lol.... :graucho: